Completed sets

An overview of the different sets I own and have built is presented on this page. Most of the sets I buy for the parts that they contain, so that I can use those parts in my own project. But it's always a nice experience to build the set too. Almost always it is also educational to see how Lego has created different kinds of functionality, and to see how they solve certain problems or learn new construction techniques.

Aircraft (Lego Technic 8434)

I really liked the design of the aircraft, with the big propellors. It doesn't have any special parts but it does contain quite a few long liftarms and axles that are usefull for other projects. The set was released in 2004, so it wasn't available in the shops anymore but I was able to find a cheap second hand one online. The set was easy to assemble and it took me only a couple of hours to build. There isn't a lot of functionality in the model, you can pivot the propellors by turning the gear on top and there is a spring mechanism to lower the landing gears.

As an extra challenge I decided to create a model of this set in Lego Digital Designer (LDD). This was not an easy task since there are a lot of parts that are placed at an angle of each other, and I sometimes had a hard time getting everything to line up. I also had to make some alterations since LDD doesn't have the panels and propellor blades that are used in this model. Flexible axles, like the ones used in this model for the cockpit are also not possible in LDD.

Container Truck (Lego Technic 8052)

You're never too old for Lego in my opinion, which was proven by the fact that I got this set as a present for my 27th birthday. I was interested in this set because it contains a linear actuator, a component that I thought to be useful in future projects. You can build two different models from this set, but there are only instructions for one (the one that I build) the other design needs to be downloaded from the Lego website. I didn't put on the stickers, since I prefer clean parts, especially when I use them for other builds.

What surprised me in this set was the loading mechanism for the container. By turning a switch you can choose between loading and unloading the container or dumping. In the first case the container can be picked up from the ground or put back down on it. When the switch is set to dump, the front of the container is lifted up, dumping everything that might be in the container.

Skopio XV-1 (Bionicle 8996)

Spiders and transformers must have been the inspiration for the people that desigend this beautiful set. Most of the model was built by the nephew of my girlfriend, who had a great time assembling it. When complete the set is also fun to play with, transforming it between spider and vehicle mode. As weaponry it contains two Zamor sphere launchers and a spiked ball. The weapons platform can move up and down, allowing you to aim on your target. I can safely conclude that Lego still is very fun for kids in this age of computer games and electronics.

The track links where the reason that I bought this set. They can be used for a lot of different things, not only for tracked vehicles but for example also a transport belt. I can't wait to try these in my own creations. It also contains a lot of other useful parts. Maybe one day I'll try to see if I can make a motorised version of this model, or something at least similar. I'm very curious to see if a vehicle can move efficiently in spider mode. But even without motors this is one of my favorite sets so far. The model requires quite some force to transform, which is probably done by design so it can stand sturdy on it's legs.